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This product is aimed at direct marketers and others who want a simple tool that will enable them to interrogate and manipulate their data in exactly the same way regardless of where or in what form it resides – in an Access database or an Oracle one, in a CSV file or a flat file, locally or on an FTP site, in Birmingham, Alabama or Birmingham, England.

A typical use of Adroit® QueryMaster is by bureaux that host and manage data for their clients. They can offer Adroit® QueryMaster to their clients to enable them to have up-to-date online access to the hosted data.

multiple platforms

It is available not only as a Windows application but also as a web-browser application so it can be used across multiple platforms (e.g. Windows, OS X, Linux) without even having to install any additional software on a user's PC.

Multiple Data Sources

As well as being able to query on files and databases you can even use another query as a data source. Thus users can do complex data manipulation and transformation in one query, and use that as the data source for another. It's like a SQL view, but with the additional facility of being able to cache the intermediate results for improved performance.

Data Services and Database Software

Drill Down

And when you’re looking at the data, simply by clicking on one field’s value you can find all the
other records (even in different datasets) that have the same value in a field of the same name.

Seamless Integration

Adroit® QueryMaster is also a component of Adroit® Marketer which means that queries and
campaigns can seamlessly be cut/copied from one to the other, enabling a campaign to become a query or a query to be promoted to a campaign.


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