Synaxis Data Services Adroit® Server

The indispensable core of the Adroit® software suite

Designed to meet the needs of organisations wanting a single, customer-centric, view of their data, the Adroit® Server provides the means to realise the vision of fully-integrated corporate data from disparate operational sources.

It runs on any standard or server Microsoft Windows platform and is a powerful data-processing engine offering a huge range of functionality making it easy and fast to undertake sorts, merges, splits, joins, transformations, aggregations etc. on multiple streams of data in any way conceivable. Moreover (and uniquely) it can take the data it processes from almost any source or combination of sources. It can be controlled locally or from anywhere in the world via the world-wide web. It can happily process hundreds of millions of records and accept jobs from multiple users.


Several Adroit® “client” applications have been developed to enable user control of what the Adroit® server does. Since each client application uses the same Adroit® server, the transition from one kind of operation (e.g. building a marketing database) to another (e.g. running marketing campaigns from such a database) is completely seamless, and smooth co-operation between teams of users that are functionally and geographically distinct is easily accomplished.

Any number or combination of Adroit® client applications can use the server simultaneously depending on the power of the hardware platform that Adroit® Server runs on.


Since it can process data from multiple sources (e.g. Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server, flat files, CSV files, dBase files, even FTP sites) - even if they reside on different machines under different operating systems, Adroit® is ideal for integrating data from a wide variety of origins and formats to build "single-customer views" and to rationalise systems after a corporate acquisition or merger.

IMPOSSIBLE to overwrite data accidentally

The design of Adroit® as a data-processing engine rather than a Database Management System (such as Oracle or SQL Server) not only means the administrative overhead is minimal (no need to worry about reorganisations or indexes etc.) but that it is IMPOSSIBLE to overwrite data accidentally. Users need have no fear that they can damage their data.


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