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This is a very sophisticated and powerful campaign-management system (easily handling hundreds of campaigns/month) aimed at direct marketers who need a tool that will enable them to create, manage and report on direct marketing campaigns from their customer/prospect database. It supports multi-channel (e.g. e-mail, `phone, mail) marketing and campaigns can be scheduled to run repeatedly, being automatically refined to achieve maximum profitability/responsiveness.

Ease of Use

Adroit® Marketer is easier to use than competing products because:

  • It has a single consistent user interface
  • A “wizard” is provided to enable easy campaign set up
  • More processes are automated, requiring less user interaction. In particular...
  • There is no need to maintain “cells” and track their performance
  • There is no need for statistical expertise to refine the target audience
  • Responders and non-responders and their propensity to respond (and the variables that determine it) are automatically identified
  • There is no need to define a new target audience for every campaign
  • Every time the database is updated new leads and new responders are automatically identified
  • There is no need to rely on IT staff to add/change fields or even data sources
  • Graphical reports can be customised by the user
  • Unlike some competing products Adroit® Marketer does not rely on a proprietary database structure and there is therefore no dependence on a “black-box” pre-load process
  • References to all documents (such as letter text, variable offer spreadsheets etc.) and images relating to a campaign can be stored with the campaign (using the universal-naming convention)

Data Servers Marketer


Adroit® Marketer is more flexible than competing products because:

  • Its source data can be taken directly from any system without the need for an intermediate “load process”.
  • It can have real-time access to live data for campaign decisions.
  • It is not restricted to a simple two or three-level database but can support any data model, however complex.
  • It does not rely on any proprietary database but can use various databases and file types in any combination. It can access any Adroit® server from anywhere in the world securely over the world-wide-web.
  • The Adroit® Marketer client is available not only as a Windows application but also as a web-browser application so it can be used across multiple platforms (e.g. Windows, OS X, Linux) without even having to install any additional software on a user's PC.
  • In some competing products segments of a campaign are just sets of data - they never change when the underlying database is refreshed. So every campaign is a one-off and has to be recreated after the database has been refreshed. New leads cannot therefore be selected automatically on an ongoing basis. Campaigns in Adroit® Marketer, however, are defined by query, not data set, thus the same campaign can just keep on running with new leads and responses being identified every time the source data is updated.


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