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Adroit® EnvisionIT does for data processing what the word processor did for authors who used to use a typewriter. Data processes can be developed using Adroit® EnvisionIT at least 10 times quicker than by conventional programming.

Just as a word processor lets each user write his own documents be they novels, technical specifications, contracts or just letters, Adroit® EnvisionIT is a data processor that lets its users write any kind of data process. The product is aimed at technicians who appreciate the basics of data processing and it allows them to draw any data process as a flowchart and then run the process at the click of a button. This avoids the need for line-by-line programming or even documentation of the process (since the flowchart itself gives a 100% accurate representation of the process). Like the documents that can be produced by a word processor, the practical applications of Adroit® EnvisionIT are only limited by the imagination.

Data Services EnvisionIT


We, and our customers, have used it to provide services in the following sectors:

  • Financial Services
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Retail
  • Mail Order
  • Business Consultancy
  • Direct Marketing Services Bureaux
  • Car retailers
  • Manufacturing

To do things like:

  • Clean up names and addresses and other data
  • Match and de-duplicate names and addresses from an organisation’s customer and prospect databases – even where elements of an address or name are missing. It works as well with foreign as with UK data (although it does not yet support symbolic scripts such as Chinese)
  • Convert data from one system for use in another
  • Join data together from different computer systems
  • Calculate scores, costs, revenue and other report values for various parts or the whole of an organisation or for individual customers
  • Create and refresh databases with data from disparate sources
  • Validate data and identify anomalies
  • Create scripts that can be scheduled to run periodically to do any of the above.


Adroit® EnvisionIT is the ideal tool for integrating data from any combination of disparate systems, enabling consultants (without the need for a programming team) to cope with the aftermath of mergers and acquisitions or to build a single-customer-view database. And remember, any data process designed using Adroit® EnvisionIT is already 100% accurately documented without any extra effort.

Other data-integration or ETL (extract-transform and load) tools allow users to say what should be done to data, not how to do it. Adroit® EnvisionIT allows the user greater control by allowing him/her to specify how a data process should be executed but without increasing the complexity of the user interface since all data-processing operations are offered in a modular fashion. Adroit® EnvisionIT is the “Lego” of the data-processing world, you can plug in different operations wherever you like to build whatever data process you like.


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