Synaxis Webface: This amazing software enables the same applications we develop for Windows also to be run from a web browser. This includes all the Adroit client applications except EnvisionIT. Hence users with ANY operating system that supports a web browser (e.g. Windows, MAC OS X, Linux) can run Adroit clients without installing any software.

Our Synaxis Online data-processing services all use the Adroit Server software.

The Synaxis Data Services Adroit® Suite

The Adroit® suite is a software system developed by Synaxis Data Services as a toolset capable of helping organisations solve problems with (and exploit the value of) data held in computer systems. Currently it covers areas such as data-integration (e.g. generation of single-customer view from disparate systems), data reconnaissance and direct-marketing campaign management.

At its core is the Adroit® Server - a high-performance data-processing engine uniquely able to take the data it processes from almost any source or combination of sources.

Adroit Overview for Database Adroit Envision IT Adroit DAS Adroit Marketer Adroit Query Master Adroit Server Adroit Client Applications

Since the Adroit® Server is a generic data-processing engine its applications are limited only by the imagination. At present the Adroit® suite comprises four “client” software applications that enable various kinds of users to control what the Adroit® Server does:

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